End of Summer Round Up

I've been trying to keep current with my blogging over the summer, but work -- billable work -- kept getting in the way.  September will be better, I promise.

Right now, I'm finishing up a week of vacation with my family.  I always start vacations with ambitious plans to get to all of the nonbillable, yet very Books I planned to jpgimportant, work.  I gather together a hefty pile of reading material (see image at right) for all that free time I am about to have, secure in the knowledge that I will return from vacation relaxed, infinitely wiser, and with A Plan. 

Reality comes crashing in by the end of Day 1.  I have three children ages 7, 14 and 15.  The 7 year old, rightfully, wants my attention every second of the day.  When she is asleep or commanding my husband's attention, I need to spend some time with the teens to get them talking, so I can know what they are up to.  There is no time for purposeful reading of career-building nonfiction. 

Here's what I actually read this week.

What I read.jpg

Oh well.  A little brain candy never hurt nobody.

Focusing back on work, an article jumped out at me from this week's ABA eJournal:

Stanley Kubrick Thought of iPad Design First, Samsung Says in Patent Spat with Apple.  Really? Science fiction as prior art?  I suppose Fritz Lang thought up robotics.  And don't even think of patenting a process for freezing humans in carboniteGeorge Lucas will have some words for you.

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